2020 Dog & Cat Tags Now Available!

The 2020 dog/cat tags are now available! Buying your tag is not only the law, it also helps reunite lost pets! Buying your tags also supports the dedicated network of staff and volunteers and improves services for our community!  Licenses for cats and dogs in the city of Bathurst can now be purchased at the shelter or from the Animal Control Officer.  Tags can no longer be purchased at City Hall.  We are open Tuesday to Friday 11am to 5pm and Saturday and Sunday 11am to 4pm.

Tag Fees before March 31 ( after March 31 add a $10 late fee to the prices below):

$35 Dog Female not spayed
$35 Dog Male not neutered
$10 Dog Female Spayed
$10.00 Dog Male Neutered
$5 Cat Indoor/Outdoor

If you are 65 or older, please let us know you qualify for a 20% discount!  Some of you are aging wonderfully, and we likely wont offer you the discount!

Know the rules! Click on the link here for By-Law 2012-04 information.