Lost A Pet?

Have you lost a pet? It’s time to bring out the check list to make sure your friend can find his or her way home!

Did you know that only 7 per cent of the stray cats coming into the shelter go back to their owner? We see 100’s animals grace our doors every year, but only a handful go back to their owner. Buying a City tag is the law, and it also helps people find the owners of found animals. Even if you cat is an indoor cat, it is best to think ahead and get a tag. Accidents happen, and many cats that are returned to their owners were “indoor only” before coming to the shelter. Please, if your animal goes missing, or you have found an animal, contact the SPCA at 548-8537.


1. Have you contacted the SPCA? If you have lost your cat or dog in the City of Bathurst, please contact 548-8537. If you have lost your dog outside of the City limits, contact 1-877-722-1522.

2. If possible, please provide a photograph of your pet. You can email it at info@bathurstspca.com, or post it on our facebook page: Bathurst Animal Shelter Lost and Found.

3. If your cat has gone missing, sometimes a little thing like putting their litter boxes outside can draw them back home.

4. Ask around. Ask your neighbors, post flyers, and post in the local paper and radio station, and ask permission to check abandoned buildings or sheds. Your pet may have just wandered into someone’s yard, or gotten locked up in a garage by accident.

5. Don’t lose hope. We have found lost pets after a year from going missing. Some animals find their way into someone’s home, and without a collar or tag, these kind people think the animal does not have an owner.

Here is the NBSPCA Tumbler link to Animal Control for rural dogs found – http://nbspca.tumblr.com

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