Jurisdiction of Our Animal Control

The jurisdiction of our animal control services is that we are mandated to do Animal Control in the City of Bathurst only (548-8537). The city of Bathurst Animal Control By-law covers both cats and dogs.

If you live in Beresford, Nigadoo, Pointe Verte and Petit-Rocher, then please call Pat Gionet (783-2420) at the Beniro Shelter for stray dogs.

For dogs in the Local Service District of Chaleur and the Acadian Peninsula please call the NBSPCA, 1-877-722-1522.

Please note that dogs in the LSD Chaleur Region and Acadian Peninsula fall under the Department of Environment and Local Government and they have contracted the NBSPCA to do this work. Dogs are held for 48 hours only, exclusive of weekends and holidays. There is no provision in the LSD areas for stray cats.

City of Bathurst by-laws mandate a holding period of 5 days. However, if the animal is severely injured or ill and all reasonable attempts to reach the owner has failed we can humanely euthanise the animal to end its suffering. City of Bathurst by-laws also cover stray cats and both dogs and cats must be licensed regardless if they are indoor or outdoor.

Due to the limited time for holding dogs or cats for the City of Bathurst we are not able to post pictures of all strays brought in. Please call us at 548-8537 if you have lost your dog or cat in the City of Bathurst ASAP. Time can be crucial if your pet is lost, ill or injured.

PLEASE NOTE. The NBSPCA has jurisdiction for Rural Animal Control and all calls for stray dogs in rural areas must be made to the NBSPCA central dispatch at 1-877-722-1522. Depending on the area the dispatcher will call the ACO responsible for the area. The Bathurst SPCA is sub contracted by the NBSPCA to respond to stray dogs in part of the LSD Chaleur excluding the Acadian Peninsula. All rural calls must be dispatched through the PMCC number as we cannot respond without a case number. Rural cats are not covered under provincial laws. We regret the inconvenience but, we are not mandated to provide this service by the provincial government and inquiries, complaints or request for information should be forwarded to the NBSPCA office in Fredericton, your LSD representative or your MLA.

Here is the NBSPCA Tumbler link to Animal Control for rural dogs found – http://nbspca.tumblr.com

Stray Cats From Outside the City of Bathurst

We are not mandated to take stray cats other than those INSIDE the City of Bathurst. We will take stray cats from OUTSIDE the city ONLY if we have room. We charge a nominal fee of $20 for this service. You must CALL AHEAD and bring the cat to the shelter if we have authorized you to do so. If you do not show up at the time you stated you must call again to confirm we still have room. We hold rural cats for 48 hours. If not claimed we will process the cats as any other cats in our system. Owners will be subject to boarding and impound fees and any vet costs for reclaiming your cat(s). Thank you for your cooperation.

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